What happened to robert lee yates son kyle

It was only talk and speculation, fueled in large part by the numbers of bodies being found and the fact that many of the victims were prostitutes. Nonetheless, it was a possibility that had to be considered, at least initially, given the fact that serial killers have, on occasion, changed their M.

what happened to robert lee yates son kyle

Disturbingly, the number of bodies would more than double before they stopped, and many others would be attributed to the same killer. The first indication that a serial killer was at work in and around this eastern Washington city began on February 22,at approximately a. The responding officers, and later the detectives, observed that the young woman had been shot a number of times, and the size of the entrance wounds suggested a small caliber gun had been used.

The search also failed to turn up any bullets or spent shell casings, an indication that either the killer took care in cleaning up after himself, used a gun that did not eject shell casings, or killed the victim at a different location and then transported the body after death. The investigators soon learned that Sapp had a history of prostitution arrests and was known to use drugs. She was last seen two days before her body was found in the block of East Sprague, an area frequented by prostitutes and pimps.

what happened to robert lee yates son kyle

At that time she had been wearing black jeans, black slip-on flat-soled shoes, black panties, a black t-shirt, and a beige rabbit fur coat, none of which was found with her body.

After interviewing those who were close to her, police determined that nine bracelets were missing from her wrists, as was a silver chain necklace, two rings one of which was a wedding ringand a jean or denim purse. As would be done with all of the victims, hair and fiber samples were taken during autopsy, as were oral, anal, and vaginal swabs. A little more than a month later, another body was found.

This time, on Sunday, March 25,the Spokane Police Department was called to the block of East South Riverton regarding a report of a body found in the road shortly after 6 a. The victim was a white female, and it was clear that she had been shot to death. She was eventually identified as year-old Nickie I. Lowe who, like the previous victim, had a history of prostitution and drug abuse. Lowe was last seen a day earlier in the East Sprague area of Spokane.

Although the detectives investigating the murders of Yolanda Sapp and Nickie Lowe were reasonably certain that both women had been done in by the same killer, little headway was made in the investigation over the next seven weeks and no additional bodies were found, leaving investigators wondering whether their killer had moved on to another locale or was just lying low for awhile. On Tuesday, May 15,at approximately p. The victim was a white female, and was nude except for rings on her fingers.

She also had contusions and lacerations to the head, prompting the investigators to believe that she had been beaten with a blunt object. They also observed gunshot wounds. Crime scene investigators recovered articles of female clothing from the scene, as well as a pair of shoes, a plastic bag stained with blood, a cigarette butt, and vegetation samples. This time, however, they also found tire tracks, the tire tread patterns, which were carefully photographed.

The latest victim was identified as Kathleen Brisbois, Bullets were recovered from her body during the autopsy, and trace evidence such as hair and fiber was collected and sent to the state crime laboratory.

Investigators believed that she had been engaged in prostitution activities at the time of her death. In the meantime, they were not anywhere close to identifying the killer, and everyone realized that he could leave a large number of bodies in his wake before being apprehended. Two days short of two years passed without any additional victims being found that could be attributed to the Spokane serial killer.

Investigators opted for the theory that the killer had been murdering women during the two-year interim in another locale. The awareness that the killer had started up again in Spokane came about on Wednesday, May 13,when a nude female body was found on Bill Gulch Road, about a quarter mile east of Mt. Spokane Park Drive.

As with the previous victims, shoes and other clothing articles were found near the body. Criminologists found what they believed to be a bullet near the body, but no spent shell casings.And after their five kids came along, he was a doting dad who enjoyed fishing and camping trips.

A lover of the outdoors, Robert would often head out alone to go hunting. But in AprilLinda was woken at 6. His thirst for blood went as far back as Out hunting, he came across Susan Savage and Patrick Oliver, who were enjoying a picnic — and shot them dead.

Then, inthe body of Stacy Hawn was discovered. Inmore bodies were f ound including Jennifer Joseph a year-old runaway. Then in he shot Christine Smith, 32, grazing her. Somehow, she managed to flee and give police a description of her attacker. But by the time investigators woke Linda that morning, five more women were dead. There was a body in her backyard. Planting flowers above the spot, Linda had no idea. In OctoberRobert Lee Yates Jnr pleaded guilty to 13 counts of murder and one attempted murder.

He was sentenced to years in jail. Later convicted of two more murders, he was sentenced to death and he remains on Death Row.

That's Life Mega Monthly! Yates served in the military Supplied. Get more from.By Wills Robinson For Dailymail. Andrea Yates' ex-husband has condemned the criminal process the killer was put through 14 years after she drowned their five children in the bathtub of their suburban Texas home. Andrea Yates' ex-husband Rusty leftwho has since remarried and has a five-year-old son, slammed her murder trial pictured right in as the 'cruelest thing I have ever witnessed'.

The Yates' boys, from left: Paul, three, John, five, Noah, seven, and Luke, two, dressed up for Halloween the year before they were drowned in the bathtub by their mother.

Six-months-old Mary Yates, killed by her mother along with her four older brothers. Andrea Yates was said to be suffering from postpartum depression when she drowned her children in She then called and told the first officer to arrive at the scene that she had just killed her children. Earlier that day she fed the children breakfast and said goodbye to her husband as he left for work.

She was convicted of capital murder in and sentenced to life in prison, after prosecutors tried and failed to get the death penalty. But an appeals court granted her a retrial and in she was found not guilty by reason of insanity and moved to a mental health facility. Yates had been diagnosed with postpartum psychosis - the most severe and rarest form of postpartum depression.

Little was known about it at the time and most afflicted mothers were left to suffer in silence. Her condition was a cause of huge pain for Mr Lake, who has revealed he still cares for his wife and visits her - even though they divorced in Speaking on Oprah's Where Are They NowMr Yates said: 'This [was a] mentally ill woman -- who otherwise loves her children, was a great mother, was a great person -- and they're going to sit her in trial?

Try to kill her?

10 Baffling Wives of Serial Killers

The first trial, where prosecutors sought the death penalty, was hard on Mr Yates. The Yates family portrait before baby Mary was bornleft, and husband Russell 'Rusty' Yates outside his home the day after his children were murdered.

Almost 14 years after the deaths, he maintains his ex-wife was a good mother who loved her children. Mr Yates married Laura Arnold, a woman he met at a church in Clear Lake, during a private ceremony intwo days before his ex-wife's murder re-trial. He added: ''They spent a week showing pictures of our children's dead bodies in front of a jury, in front of her.Yates Jr. With nothing but the clothes on their backs, the Yates family went into hiding. The couple has four daughters and one son.

But the plea bargain included another bombshell for his wife: Her husband revealed that for two years the body of one of his victims had been buried in their yard just outside their bedroom window. She said her husband was moody. The victims in Spokane and Skagit County had been involved in drugs or prostitution. Among the slayings is the death of year-old Teresa Hesselgrave, whose body was found in a wooded area near Whidbey General Hospital in Yates once worked at the hospital, and might have known Hesselgrave.

Also under investigation are the deaths of Darrin Wade Gehrke, 23, in and the disappearance of Linda Fisher Moran, 27, in December Yates, 48, still faces two aggravated first-degree murder charges and a possible death penalty in the deaths of two women in Pierce County.

Yates is an Army veteran and National Guard helicopter pilot who served tours in Germany and at several U. Law enforcement officers in many of those places are studying unsolved crimes to see if Yates might be involved. The loss of their main breadwinner has been a financial hardship for the family, she said.

Robert and Linda Yates jointly filed a personal bankruptcy petition in late October. The couple filed under Chapter 7 of the U.

Bankruptcy Code, which allows individuals to keep certain belongings while selling off other property to repay creditors. One of the creditors listed is Christine L. Smith, a woman who survived a attack and in July filed a lawsuit against Yates. Yates pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder in that attack. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Talk to us. In a year career, McCoy gave a quiet, firm voice to those without one in the political process.

Police arrested a suspect after a four-hour manhunt off Glenwood Avenue in Everett. Anne Anderson and April Berg revved up campaigns this week. Republican Mark James was already in the running. COVID social distancing will likely end in phases, over months.Robert Lee Yates. Information summarized and researched by. Department of Psychology.

Radford University. Napa 47 July 7 — Michelyn Derning White, 47 prostitute, drug addict found naked shot in vacant lot at N. Summary of Robert Lee Yates.

At first glance, Robert Lee Yates seems like a typical middle aged American man. He is married and a father of five. He grew up in Whidbey Island, Washington where he came from a solid, loving home with encouraging and supportive parents. He had a strong moral upbringing and Christian teaching from the time he could walk. He was an obedient child, dedicated student and team player on the Oak Harbor High School football team. Yates was also a military helicopter pilot and National Guardsman.

However, there is another side to Robert Lee Yates. He is a convicted murderer and it is unknown exactly but estimated that Yates has killed over 18 women. Most of his victims were prostitutes who were involved with drugs. He would shoot them, usually in the head and tie plastic bags around their heads. Then he would dump their bodies after he was done. The most prolific serial killer over sentenced in Washington State now sits on death row.

Barer, Burl Body Count. NY: Pinnacle. NY: New Media Ventures. Life Event. Grandmother kills Grandfather with an ax. Born May 27, Molested by an older neighborhood boy.Yates filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus, hoping for a stay. He has tried many times, including appealing to the Washington Supreme Court. The Court unanimously rejected his request in The hearing in federal court in Seattle this week is an evidentiary hearing to examine some of the 15 claims Yates makes for why he should not be put to death.

Yates killed more than a dozen women in Spokane in the s.

Supreme Court to rule on Serial Killer's appeal

After his arrest, he admitted killing two people in Walla Walla in and another murder in Skagit County. Yates pleaded guilty to those crimes and was sentenced to life in prison.

He was convicted of killing two women in Pierce County as well; it is those crimes for which he was sentenced to death.

Spokane serial killer back in court

Yates is one of eight men sentenced to death, currently awaiting execution in Washington. Governor Jay Inslee has placed a moratorium on all executions in the state.

Contests Newsletters Apps. Watch Now. Spokane serial killer back in court March 6, PM. Posted: March 6, PM.

what happened to robert lee yates son kyle

Updated: December 20, AM. Popular Articles Spokane Police warn of local couple's rental scam. Homicide suspect taken into custody for Coeur d'Alene shooting.

Robert Lee Yates Jr – The Spokane Serial Killer

Idaho AG to probe spouse death in tangled missing kids case. Latest News 'Illegal and dangerous': Inslee reacts to Trump's calls to 'liberate' some states. Sheriff Knezovich slams Rep. Authorities arrest man accused of burglarizing Hayden storage facility. Rathdrum woman facing charges in death of newborn baby.Robert Lee Yates Jr. From toYates is known to have murdered at least 13 women, all of whom were sex workers working on East Sprague Avenue, in Spokane.

Yates also confessed to two murders committed in Walla Walla in and a murder committed in Skagit County. InYates was convicted of killing two women in Pierce County and sentenced to death but it was commuted to life without parole after Washington outlawed the death penalty in He is currently serving life in prison at the Washington State Penitentiary. Yates grew up in Oak Harbor, Washington [1] in a middle-class family that attended a local Seventh-day Adventist church.

He graduated from Oak Harbor High School in In October Yates enlisted in the United States Armyin which he became certified to fly civilian transport airplanes and helicopters. Yates was stationed in various countries outside the continental United States, including Germany and later Somalia and Haiti during the United Nations peacekeeping missions of the s.

He earned several commendation and service medals during his military career, including the US Army Master Aviator Badge. Yates left the Army in Aprilapparently a year and a half short of being eligible for his full retirement benefits and pension.

what happened to robert lee yates son kyle

At this time the military was reducing its numbers so he got his full retirement despite being short of the customary 20 years served. The murders Yates committed between and in Spokane all involved sex workers who worked along Spokane's East Sprague Avenue.

The victims were initially solicited for sex work by Yates, who would have sex with them often in his Ford vansometimes do drugs with them, then kill them and dump their bodies in rural locations.

All of his victims died of gunshot wounds to the head. Eight of the murders were committed with a Raven.

Wife’s shock: My hubby buried a body in the backyard

Autopsies of two of the victims indicated that the killer was a marksman aiming for the heart. On August 1,Yates picked up sex worker Christine Smith, who managed to escape after being shot, assaulted and robbed. He refused, stating that it was too extreme of a request for a "family man". Yates was arrested on April 18,for the murder of Jennifer Joseph. A white Corvette had been identified as the vehicle that one of the victims had last been seen in. Coincidentally, Yates had been pulled over in this vehicle while the Task Force was searching for it, but the field interview report was misread as saying "Camaro" not "Corvette", thus the incident was not realized until after Yates had been arrested.

After searching the Corvette, police discovered blood that they linked to Jennifer Joseph and DNA from Yates that they then tied to 12 other victims. In Yates was charged in Pierce County with the murders of two additional women. The prosecution sought the death penalty for the deaths of Melinda L. Mercer in and Connie Ellis inwhich were thought to be linked to the killings in Spokane County. The death sentence was appealed on grounds that Yates believed his plea bargain to be "all-encompassing", and that a life sentence for 13 murders and a death sentence for two constituted "disproportionate, freakish, wanton and random" application of the death penalty.

The arguments were rejected in by the Washington Supreme Court. Alexander pending additional appeals. In Yates's attorneys filed a habeas corpus petition in federal district court, stating that Yates is mentally ill and, "through no fault of his own The still-pending motion is regarded as a "long shot" by most observers. Yates helps his cause by relying on the fact that he's a necrophiliac ," said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist. Yates remains incarcerated at the Washington State Penitentiary.

Inslee cited the high cost of the appeals process, the randomness with which death sentences are sought, and a lack of evidence that the penalty serves as a deterrent to other criminals. In Julythe Washington Supreme Court once again rejected an effort by Yates to overturn his conviction and death sentence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robert Lee Yates.

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