Traverse calculation excel sheet

I have done a link traverse adjustment using Bowditch in Excel but the results does not make any sense. I may be wrong. I have attached the file. Can you kindly help to check it out. I see that all the "bearings" are in the northwest quadrant except for the final leg, which is going to the northeast, if I am interpreting your data as you intend.

There seems to be a missing call or calls, or you were closing on a second point for which you had known coordinates. You definitely can't do this kind of adjustment without making it a closed loop or specifying a second set of given coordinates. The beginning coordinates are on the Constants sheet. Not sure why they aren't entered on the main worksheet.

It seems strange that the northing is for LP2 which is a station ID but the easting is for 'A' whatever that is. By the terminology I'm familiar with, those are azimuths, not bearings. Bearings are usually at least in older work given within a quadrant such as N 12 34 56 E. How did you get these values? If using a theodolite or total station you measure angles, and have to compute azimuths or bearings.

Those numbers might make more sense as angles left or angles right.

Traverse Area Calculation in Excel

I find it strange that measured distances are computed by the scale factor from grid distances, which is opposite of normal. Which did you measure or were given or to start with? Note that the method is frequently employed subjectively and does not provide information for statistical analysis like the method of least squares. His Adjustment Computations text is widely used in US surveying programs. Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read.

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Last Post.Excel for Land Surveyors is a Hub for sharing helpful spreadsheet tools and applications to be used in the surveying field. Start a new discussion to share a spreadsheet with your fellow land surveyors! Or simply respond to a discussion already created.

I have prepared an excel spreadsheet for Traverse Corrections and Traverse Calculations, you can download the file from the bellow link. Sign Up Sign In. Excel For Land Surveyors. Like 3. Like 1. Tags: closecorrectiontraversetraversingdownloadexcelspradshetsurveying. Email me when people reply — Follow. Kanan Protap Datta March 12, at am. How to download the excel file " Traverse Calculation excel sheet download ".

Traverse Calculation excel sheet download. Also I have described about T…. Monish K. Roopowa February 15, at am.

Please send me the Traverse Calculation Excel sheet. I have to do a close traverse and have to do the computation. Ramendra Tiwari September 26, at am. This reply was deleted. Personal Introduction Started by chris correia in Other. Traverse Calculation excel sheet download Started by Soumen Samanta. Note: this page contains paid content. Please, subscribe to get an access. Cancel Subscribe. Vertical curve and setting out spreadsheet utility Started by aamir shahzad.

Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.Thank you for visiting the Land Surveyors Spreadsheets Website. The spreadsheets are free to download and will do the traverse adjusments for you. They provide you with the best, worst and all closures depending on which station you start from.

You can choose between Compass and Transit Rule and do closed and open traverse adjusments. Once you've keyed in the data, you can also copy and paste the data in a. All the instruction are provided in the info page within the spreadsheets. In order to keep the users with updated versions, I've put expiry dates on the spreadsheets. I usually release new updated versions every 9 to 12 months.

I've build two verions. One for Excel and one for Open Office. Please note that the Excel version includes the xyz spreadsheet which does the elevation adjustments. For that reason, I recommend you download the Excel version. To download the spreadsheets, just go to the download section.

I hope you will enjoy using them. To download the LSS just click on the button below. Land Surveyors Spreadsheets will accept donnations through paypal.

Click on the button below to be redirected to the paypal donnation page. The Spreadsheets Download Donnate. Welcome to Land Surveyors Spreadsheets. The Spreadsheets. Contact Us. Facebook Land Surveyors Spreadsheets.A Traverse consists of series of related points or stations, which when connected by angular and linear values form a framework.

The Purpose of a traverse surveys is to control subsequent detail, i. Fixing of specific points to which details can be relates. The accuracy of the control survey must be superior to that of the subsidiary survey. When a series of connected lines form a closed circuit, i. When the finishing point coincides with the starting point, then it is called as a closed traverse.

These closed traverse surveys have many applications like fixing the boundaries of ponds, forests etc. Present techniques used in traversing using total station as an open traverse. The steps are as described below. GPS pair points are fixed at a convenient distance, approximately about 3 to 5km. Care has to be taken that the pair of GPS points is fixed at a reliable distance at least 60m is advised for better results and on good monuments.

These points are fixed in such a way that they are clearly inter visible and should cater for placing the total station firmly on the GPS stations. Total station is to be checked for its calibration, prism constants for the prisms to be set in the instrument to avoid errors.

Total station is then used to conduct the traverse between the GPS points. This type of traverse ensures that the survey is started from a known pair of points and is closed on known pair of points. Care has to be taken that the last bearing is also taken for correcting the Adjustment. There are several methods to correct the traverse adjustments.

However, in most of the cases Bowditch rule is considered to bethe most reliable.

traverse calculation excel sheet

The other methods like transit method, Crandall method, Least Square Methods are used very rarely. The most accurate method which is known as a adjustment correction by the least square method is used when the accuracy required is very high.

This method finds itself applicable in the projects like tunnel works and works warranting for a higher the accuracy. To know more about the software for Traverse Corrections, Please click the links below. This method is widely used for Closed and open traverses. Open Traverses means that the starting and closing station is fixed with known Co-ordinates.With Google Sheets, you can create, edit, and collaborate wherever you are.

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Edit in real-time When someone is editing your spreadsheet, you can see their cursor as they make changes or highlight text. Works with Excel. Insights, instantly Use the Explore panel to get an overview of your data, from informative summaries to a selection of pre-populated charts to choose from. Do more with add-ons Take your Sheets experience even further with add-ons. See what else you can add. Get started now Sheets is ready to go when you are. Please enter a valid email address Thanks for signing up.This is a very simple to use macro written in Excel VBA for calculating and redistributing the error vector to close a traverse.

I wrote this program for my geologic field methods class. A traverse is a simple way to plot points of interest on a 2D map. When in the field, you may not have, or want to carry, appropriate surveying equipment or may not need that level of accuracy, so you can pace from point to point measuring the compass bearing and counting number of paces.

You must close the traverse by returning to the original starting station or point. You will need to have your conversion factor calculated to feet per pace. One way of doing this is measuring out a known distance, say feet, and count the number of paces. Then take feet divided by your count. A pace is two steps. Start with your left and count every time your right foot makes contact with the ground. Also, bearings must be in azimuth 0 to degrees. Refer to any geologic field book for more information.

Download the batch file SimpleTravCalc1. Open Excel and enable the developer tab in excel options. Click the visual basic button.

traverse calculation excel sheet

Right click "This Workbook" and import file. Once the file is loaded, return to Excel. Click macros and run SimpleTravCalc1.

Land Survey : Rise and fall table solution

Make sure you start with a blank excel file. It is easiest to use if you have your notes setup in the same order as the input boxes arise. Below is a summary:. Here is how to use it for those less inclined to code.

If you set up your notes is this manner, you just need to read across from left to right, ignoring the occupied station after the first entry. It will automatically copy down. You will see X and Y components of the vector calculated which necessary for error vector calculation, but will be removed later. Now you have a closure error of zero.

The most important thing is the percent error.

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If your error is high, you may want to go traverse your points again and check your bearings. Also, check that your forward bearing minus your reverse bearing is approximately plus or minus degrees. Below is an example of the final product from the data given above. This is a very simple macro and still needs much work, especially in error handling and handling user input error. If you screw up, start over.To browse Academia.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Chris Christov. Jeark A. Principe, MSc. Traverse A.

traverse calculation excel sheet

Definition B. Purposes C. General Classes D. Types II. Traverse Computations A. Latitude and Departure B. Traverse Adjustments A. Compass Rule B. Property surveys to locate or establish boundaries.

Supplementary horizontal control for topographic mapping surveys. Location and construction layout surveys for highways, railways and other private and public works.

Ground control surveys for photogrammetric surveys. Deflection-angle traverse 2. Interior-angle traverse 3. Traverse by angles to the right 4. Azimuth traverse 5. Determine the quadrant where the line falls using corresponding signs of the 2 sums. All lengths are measured with equal care 2. All angles are taken with approximately the same precision 3.

Errors are accidental 4. Angular measurements are more precise than linear measurements 2. Latitude and Departure of each line 2. Adjust the traverse and compute for the adjusted coordinates of traverse stations using Compass Rule 4. Adjust the traverse and compute for the adjusted coordinates of traverse stations using using Transit Rule 5. Surveying: Theory and Practice. La Putt, J.

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