Tikka t1x 22lr accuracy test

So, it was no surprise that there was a substantial buzz created by their announcement of an MOA guaranteed rimfire, built on the same action footprint as the T3 and interchangeable with T3 stock options. What was a surprise was that almost a year after the announcement, still no one in Australia had their hands on a T1X MTR in.

Even now, the T1X. We decided to test the T1X in three different stock configurations to shed light on the suspicions regarding the barrel bedding block:. Why not more stocks? Or even a Chassis? Also, with the chassis available to us, the bolt stop position means that we would have had to thrown the Chassis in the mill and machine out a recess to accommodate, not something we felt the need to do seeing as we had no intent of ever using the T1X in a chassis.

Brooky shot 10 shot groups of 5 different ammunition types in each stock configuration, all at 50m off a bipod and rear bag from a bench. In all stocks the action tower of god 416 were torqued to 40 inch pounds. The scope was a 4. To minimise variables associated with the shooter, we did a couple of things.

tikka t1x 22lr accuracy test

After Brooky finished shooting, Bourney shot a few groups too, to ensure they were comparable; they were almost identical. That said, Bourney did lightly sand the front of the factory bottom metal to change the feeding angle a fraction, improving feeding. As far as factory triggers go, the T1X is clean, crisp and light. The bolt had changed: after a couple of hundred rounds, it still felt like a well machined fit but it had also become smoother. The T1X stock has an ever so slightly shorter length of pull than the T3 and T3X, due to the plastic butt plate as opposed to rubber recoil pad.

This should be a relatively easy fix by changing the plastic butt plate over with a T3 or aftermarket pad. The barrel bedding block is easily removed, leaving the barrel almost free floated; true free floating could be achieved with some sand paper and elbow grease. Performance: this was the most obvious change in the T1X.

Its best groups in each of the three configurations were better than those in the original factory configuration. So, our overall thoughts now that the rifle has had about rounds through it….

In this test, this rifle shot 3x 10 shot groups that were sub MOA, and a further 3 groups that were 1. Accuracy potential is also at the mercy of one small aspect we have been unable to test in detail, which is the effect of action screw torque and whether the plastic trigger guard is flexing reducing the ability to leave the action in an unstressed state.

When alloy bottom metal becomes available for the T1X we will certainly be revisiting the accuracy testing. For the price, the trigger is excellent, the magazine functions wonderfully and the action is smooth once worked in. As a former Anschutz owner, Brooky was also delighted to shoot rounds and not have a single case drop back into the action; the T1X ejects very reliably even running a rail.

Having put over rounds through this rifle, would we recommend buying one? The very neat and organised testing setup… stocks everywhere! The main test target.

Tikka T1x: An usurper to the Rimfire Crown — SHOT Show 2018

Both 0. Previous post: Choosing a Mountain Rifle Scope. Next post: Shehane Mountain Rifle.I imagined a future where my Daisy Red Ryder lever-action BB gun would be an ancient relic and handheld laser weapons would be the norm. Their simplicity and accuracy make them an excellent tool for pest control, hunting small game, competitive shooting or training on the cheap. These rifles appeal to both the kid and adult in me.

Ruger has a long history of manufacturing rimfire rifles, and its most popular. Some of its design borrows from the modern sporting rifle and would have been ground breaking for the s and highly appealing for a youth looking for something new and exciting.

The features that it pulls from its precision rifle heritage are a chassis-style platform, heavy barrel, adjustable stock and comb height, MOA Picatinny rail and a Ruger Marksman adjustable trigger. This rimfire is designed for accuracy and long distance. This rigid setup reduces the need for a buffer tube and the other components that typically go with an AR-style stock. A single quick-release lever frees the stock and comb to get a proper fit. The comb has a 1-inch rise, while the LOP can be adjusted from 12 to There is no vertical adjustment for the buttpad.

The stock includes a quick-detach cup to attach a sling and a Picatinny rail on the underside of the stock to mount a monopod. Fit is one of the many things Ruger got right with the Precision Rimfire. The Picatinny scope base has a MOA cant built into it, which helps you shoot to yards and beyond, even with a modestly priced scope with limited elevation like the Bushnell Engage scope I mounted on the rifle.

Also, the bolt handle is full-size. The feature that appeals to the adult and kid in me is that the bolt travel can be changed from 1. These two features make it easy to transition from a rimfire to a centerfire bolt action without breeding short-stroke habits. Other welcomed additions are the Ruger Marksman adjustable trigger. Anticipating that there will be a healthy aftermarket of barrels, Ruger designed the barrel to be gunsmith friendly.

Weight: 7 lbs. Available in. From buttstock to threaded muzzle, the aesthetics of the T1x MTR are a classic design with an elegant update.

This would make a great hunting and pest-control rifle for young and old alike. The bedding footprint, receiver size and locking lug location are the same as the T3x. Technically, you can throw a T3x centerfire barreled action into the T1x MTR stock and it would fit nicely, assuming they share the same trigger assembly dimensions.

The injection-molded synthetic stock is made with 35 percent fiberglass. Fiberglass is more rigid than a standard synthetic stock and is less sensitive to temperature variation, which helps accuracy. The unique pattern is not a stippling or checkering pattern but more akin to small scales. Pushing your hand rearward against the grip causes the meat of your palm and fingers to solidly dig into the grip for a secure hold. The forend has a less aggressive texture, but its flat bottom and contoured top allows the hand to grip it firmly.

Another component taken from the T3x line is the trigger. Unlike the Ruger or Savage, which use a bladed trigger safety to prevent the sear from releasing with a blow, the T1x is a traditional single-stage trigger.

The trigger is adjustable from 2 to 4 pounds and came dialed in at 3 pounds, 9 ounces. The safety is a two-position safety, and when the safety is engaged, the bolt is locked into position.This week, I got my hands on a rifle for review that was a long time in the making.

But hear me out on this one, I think you are really going to dig it. Why, pray tell, have I been anxiously awaiting a bolt action in 17 HMR? First, the Tikka name, and reputation for quality. Tikka has very much impressed me over the last few years, pushing out near unbelievable levels of accuracy at reasonable prices.

TFB Review: ICE STATION Tikka T1x .22 – Initial Impressions

It seems like many times, the incredible rimfire bolts are available in one or the other. It has its uses, and with good ammunition, it can get quite a reach. So why do I care about both?

Excellent question. While I prefer the reach of 17, I cannot argue about the availability of Also, at least in my neck of the woods, a new shooting sport is taking the region by storm. It is basically scaled down PRS, with targets always inside meters.

tikka t1x 22lr accuracy test

And the rules state 22LR only, partly to prevent an arms race of rimfire proportions. Third, Tikka made the T1X for grown men, and the sizing is appropriate to that. Most rimfires come from the factory in youth stocks, sized for kids.

And while that is great for kids, it means all of us that never grew up alleged adults have to go find an aftermarket solution.

Tikka t1x or CZ 457 american?

That is marginally higher than your run of the mill 22, but not anywhere near a custom training rifle. Yes, I mean chambered in 22 LR at that price.

After firing. The T1X features a smooth bolt, with a replaceable bolt handle. Smooth is a relative term here. I would say it is not quite as buttery smooth as the real caliber T3 rifles, but it is a step above most rimfires.Oh, those crafty Finns.

Apparently not content to just mop the floor with the competition in centerfire rifles, this year have introduced a rimfire called the T1x. The features are insane. It took less than a week to become my favorite bolt action of all time.

The accuracy and smoothness, complete with an absolutely outstanding trigger, were absolutely amazing. So much so that I kept the rifle, not something I normally do. What does that have to do with the new T1x rimfire? Turns out, a lot. Nothing amazing there, though I remain a fan of. It is the near perfect training round, and cheap enough to shoot every day if you have the time. What is different here, the T1x was built for a grown man. It features stock spacers that adjust the fit for children as well, but out of the box, a full sized adult is ready to rock and roll.

The best part is that the T1x shares the same action footprint as the T3X. So for short range or winter training, you are in for the price of a chassis. The trigger is also identical to the T3x, meaning user adjustable with a simple Allen key.

The T3x trigger is my favorite all time, and it is going to be a winner in the rimfire world as well. If you shoot PRS or any other bolt action rifle game, Tikka just dominated the field.

For more information about Tikka rifles, click here. I have had one for a couple of weeks now. I have fired five five shot groups twice with two kinds of inexpensive ammo.

Federal Automatch and Aquila SV. Out of the ten groups of Aquila sv none have been larger than. The weather has turned and as soon as I can get a decent day I look forward to getting out to the 50 yard line at 67 gun club with this rifle and a little better ammo.

I highly recommend this rifle.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Feedback View Statistics. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Tikka t1x or CZ american?

tikka t1x 22lr accuracy test

Thread starter athanasios23 Start date Apr 25, Forums Sniper's Hide Rimfire Section. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Looking to pick up one of these rifles for a fun gun at the range.

I'll probably use it to shoot squirrels and maybe a rabbit or two. Looking to get peoples opinion who may have gotten some time with either of these rifles. Still undecided between 17hmr or 22LR. Any experiences good or bad would be appreciated.

Apr 11, I have a T1X and love it. Both gun are good. In my area it would be what you could find, over what you want.After over a year of waiting, I finally found a Tikka T1x in.

I handled one at SHOT and was impressed, but acquiring one of my own proved difficult up until now. The production model I finally found did not disappoint, however. Getting to the range with the rifle would be another agonizing wait.

I received the gun at the beginning of what would turn out to be the snowiest month ever recorded in my area. After a very long month of constant shoveling and snowplow work, I was determined to get some range time. The Tikka T1x does not come with any sights or optics, just an 11mm dovetail on top of the receiver. The receiver is also drilled and tapped should one want to attach a rail section, but I chose to mount my optic using some lightweight Warne 7.

Alternative transportation was required to the range, yet this is natural for a Tikka. Another obstacle lay in my way — my range was snowed under. The mile-plus long-range road was impossible to plow in such extreme conditions, and I had to wait a few days after the snow ended for extreme avalanche dangers to subside a bit.

After a few clear days, I strapped on some snowshoes, loaded up a range pack, and headed out to do the good work of TFB. Initial inspection of the range revealed that all but the yard stakes were buried. Initial sight in and testing took place at 25 yards by default.

Wintering moose and avalanche danger necessitated that I use a suppressor, so I mounted an old Gemtech Outback II on to the factory threaded barrel.

I fired some ten shot groups prone with a snow mound as support. The Tikka T1x had an excellent performance right off the bat. Groups are 10 shots, measured center-center 25y.

Not bad for a start. Satisfied with the initial zero and accuracy test, I moved on to the few longer range targets that were barely exposed above the snow.How does it shoot? He liked the gun and said it delivered impressive accuracy:.

For a rimfire, that is pretty remarkable. For a rimfire with a relatively lightweight barrel, it is shocking. The barrel is also threaded from the factory, ready to go for suppressors. Tester Clay Martin really liked the T1x, noting the comfortable stock and nice bolt function. On the test rifle the trigger was set at 3. Martin also wished the T1x came with a Picatinny rail standard.

With Hornady 20gr ammo, shooting from prone with bipod, the tester got just over one-half MOA for multiple groups at yards. We expect that, with a better rest set-up, shooting from a bench, that could be even better.

TIKKA T1X .22LR (mini PSR/ELR series)

The Tikka will consistently do just a little over a half-inch. So, we can say that the Tikka absolutely likes the 20gr Hornady and that the accuracy level is… what we expect from the Tikka brand name. We thought the trigger was fine. We liked the feel of the bolt, and the action seems very well made — on a par with the centerfire Tikkas.

The magazines are also very well-made and feed superbly. We have no problem with the Optilock rings mounted to the top of the action. These rings with inserts are excellent. Perhaps he was given misinformation from the distributor. Tikka says the trigger adjusts from 2 to 4 pounds. See T1x Instruction Manualpage Name required. Mail will not be published required. Leave this field empty.

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