I can t stop thinking about my teacher

I think he's amazing. I have never met someone who has a beautiful personality like that. So bubbly. And always making a joke. I know it's wrong because he's a teacher. Staring in my eyes when i'm doing my work. Staring deeply in my eyes when talking. Makes most eye contact when speaking to the class to me. I'm not a top student in fact i can't really do my work the best last year i could because we didn't have a male teacher who was young.

We had a female. He seems to smile when he sees me out of no where. He'd fix his hair when near me. I litreally can't get over him.

Biggest mistake is he's married. When women like yourself are attracted to men, you tend to over analyze behavior and make assumptions. For instance, when you said he "fixes his hair when near me" suggests that you are over-analyzing his behavior because you are trying to read him and gain a signal.

The problem is that women these days have massive ego problems due to our stupid culture and I've had many misinterpret my actions before. I'm a couple of years younger than your teacher and I can tell you that the only thing a man of his age would desire out of a young girl like yourself is sex. Nothing else.

i can t stop thinking about my teacher

The reason is because we know that women your age are generally confused, unstable and have no idea what you want. Zoe Lv 6. Answer Save. I can't possibly know for sure; but I doubt he feels the same way. It's an easy course to take advantage of that confusion. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.I'm a 15 year old girl and I cannot get my young sport teacher female out of my head.

I just want to cry with her, hug her and be best friends with her. It's not just a phase. I'm usually a really closed person, but I feel like I could talk to her all day. Anyway this is how it all started. I'm an extremely loud I get carried away classroom character, I have been all my life. Teachers have never asked me about it, just tell me off for it, which I thought was fair enough. Anyway, I have this certain teacher lets call her 'x' for outdoor studies.

I'm in year In her classes I'm quiet as anything. Totally not myself. But I can't help it. Anyway for the first few weeks I had her, she was just a normal teacher to me. I mean I liked her, but there was nothing special. We were doing an abseiling unit. I'm petrified of heights. We were doing a practical and there was a 30m cliff. I was white and crying of fear, there was scout leaders there telling me I'll be fine etc but I couldn't do it.

X saw me and hooked herself up to come down with me. I gathered up all my courage and did it. She was so encouraging. At the bottom she was so proud of me!

I have never had someone be so encouraging like that before. From then on, I was so appreciative of her. And I really started to feel close with her.

Being a young teacher, she's chilled in classes so heaps of kids like her. Anyway, I got a detention from another teacher and I was told x had some jobs for me to do. She was talking to me about how I'm so loud in the other classes and quiet in hers. I honestly don't know why but we had a short chat. She would say hi to me around the school and it would make me see the whole day in a new light.

We talked quite a bit. I messages her now and then through the school program. We were planning to do a marathon together with her and her mates.Hi I've written here before about me me not being able to stop thinking about a female teacher not in a sexual way by the way but I just generally keep thinking about her and I posted in my last question how I went back to that school for work experience and found out that she got divorced and how it hit me as if I was concerned about her.

I also said stuff about how I hate her because I do because she shouts a lot but it's as if I think there is another side to her and she really is nice and how I feel awkward seeing her the in street, in case she remembers me we never really spoke at school and I was also off a lot being ill or getting sent home I know the first title of my question was "I don't want to think about her like I do because I don't want to be bi" and another was "how can I stop thinking about my teacher" i think or something like that.

Anyway as said i don't think of her in a sexual way just in a general way if that makes sense as I'm not gay or bi. View related questions: divorcemy teacher. Fancy yourself as an agony aunt? Add your answer to this question! Already have an account? Login first Don't have an account? Register in under one minute and get your own agony aunt column - recommended!

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Ask for help! Top agony aunts. About Us. Sitemap I can't stop thinking about my teacher The reason I writing up again is because I've started having dreams about her and about me being back at that school and being able to see her.

The dream i had last was about me and this friend going back to that school for a week to help out and she was there but she had really changed she didn't shout as much she was really nice and we seemed to get on like friends and she spoke to me normally. Later on in the dream me, my friend, this teacher and a few kids were tidying up in the playground and we stared talking again and I don't know how i got to ask her this but she had said one reason that she got divorced and I asked her "that's not the real reason is it?

It was as if I cared about her or something because I really don't know what gave me the courage to ask even if it was a dream. I've also had dreams that me and one of my friends have been walking about on the street of that school I deliberately try to see her or i do if we are somewhere else.

There was another dream I had once that I was watching her life with her and her husband but they couldn't see me like i was watching tv but I wasn't. It's not that i don't like having the dreams because I like thinking of her and don't want to forget her. I'm getting very confused now why am I having these dreams and what do they mean? Am I being told something here? Hope you can help and hope I didn't confuse you! I felt like this, with a female teacher.

Its really weird isn't it? Because you know obviously you don't fancy her, but for some reason she's in your mind, and then she won't leave, which worries you even more, tricking your mind into thinking you're in love with this woman when you know full well you don't!

I keep getting that with random people, it's really scary but i think its just because we're growing up. I just turned fifteen, like a couple of weeks ago. But i am such a worrier, i always think like this, but i move on from different people!

Got a relationship, dating, love or sex question? I can't stop thinking about my teacher Tagged as: Forbidden loveFriendsTeenage. A female ageanonymous writes: Hi I've written here before about me me not being able to stop thinking about a female teacher not in a sexual way by the way but I just generally keep thinking about her and I posted in my last question how I went back to that school for work experience and found out that she got divorced and how it hit me as if I was concerned about her.This is simply a subreddit dedicated to venting.

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I can't stop thinking about my teacher? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Vent join leave 52, readers users here now This is simply a subreddit dedicated to venting.

Do you feel like hurting yourself or others? If so, reach out for help. You are not alone. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Vent submitted 25 days ago by [deleted]. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account.I can't stop thinking about my chemistry teacher, "mr x". I don't know what this means, I always think about him.

When I see him around school, my heart beats fast. When we walk past each other I feel really shy and look down, I find it really hard to look up and make eye contact with him, and even if I did, I might look like an idiot if he doesn't look at me.

When I get stuck in class, I don't put my hand up because I don't like drawing attention to myself. I used to sit beside my friend but she recently left school to go to university so now I sit up the back by myself which I also feel embarrassed about which is dumb. When he does help me, I feel really shy that he is talking to me, and really embarrassed that I need help.

When he promises to help me during the next class like go over a homework question I get so excited and look forward to it and get butterflies. When he asks me a question during class I go bright red. When he talks to me, I try to talk back, but I get really shy and nervous. Like the other day he saw my presents and asked me if it was my birthday which it was and then he started talking to me about when I was starting to drive I turned 17 and was asking me all of these questions.

I swear he thinks I am shy, but I am really am not. With my friends at lunch and stuff, I am actually the outgoing one. Believe it or not. I constantly think about him and I get butterflies in my stomach.

He is a really nice person and a really good teacher.

i can t stop thinking about my teacher

He sometimes tells us funny stories like the other day when he spilt his water bottle down his trousers, and things like that.

Every time I see him, I notice something new about him. I get jealous when other female teachers talk to him and I know I shouldn't. Then the other day, a girl in my chem class who is also in my maths class she is called Fiona admitted that she had a massive crush on him and she thinks he is gorgeous, which actually he is.

He is one of the teachers a lot of girls in our school have a crush on, either him or his brother "mr y" who is a PE teacher. Personally, I think mr x is nicer looking, easier to talk to, smarter and just generally more attractive as a person, not physically, well physically as well. The other day he even said I didn't hear the first part of his conversation with another pupil"subconsciously people always judge each other, but we shouldn't, it isn't fair.

I would guess he is between 25 and Fiona got me thinking that maybe I am crushing on my teacher? But I already have a crush on a guy from my sports club, one of my friends who I think the world of and I think he likes me too.I've been obsessing over my teacher from way back and for 4 years now I haven't been able to get my mind off of him.

I try to convince myself to forget him but I'm always unsuccessful. I'm so sad because I want him so bad. He's 14 years older than me and even though it would be legal, I know its a big difference. I know I shouldn't want him so bad but I know I can't be happy without him. Every time I see him I get so happy! I know he fancied me because he gets weird around me.

I always look for opportunities to see him. I am so in love with him! My ache for him is killing me so bad and I just wish I had the chance to tell him how I feel.

I'm too shy to even tell him I like him and I don't have enough confidence to make sure he feels the same way. Oh god, I really need to know what's going on. I miss him.

I want him so bad!!! It's very illegal. You can spend time with him, sure, but I would try hard to shake off your feelings before it gets you get in trouble. Just remember, he sees you as a child. You're eighteen? Just think of someone fourteen years younger than you - a four-year-old.

i can t stop thinking about my teacher

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I can't stop thinking about my teacher?

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i can t stop thinking about my teacher

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I can't stop thinking about my teacher...now I'm dreaming about her!

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