Goonzquad who are they

We found out many things about this tight-knit group of distance runners and what makes them tick. The Goonsquad is a bunch of about 30 distance guys, primarily from Arizona, who run both in high school and in college. Pretty much a goof of a name based off of a nickname the rest of the group in good-nature gave to one of their members; but became their NXN team name back in Back in a bunch of distance guys were trying to put a group chat together to help each of them run in the ; while the running plan failed miserably, they all became good friends and started chatting about track and field regularly.

What many said was the camaraderie they have and the ability to share ideas about running, but also life in general. It was jeep wiring harness connector bulk diagram base website fun talk with all of them and it was great to see the true meaning of sportsmanship within each of these guys.

While many of them at one time or another were competitors under the Arizona track and field sun, they all seemed to pull for the other and were excited to see the top performances from their Goonsquad brothers. In a world with so much fractured discourse nowadays it was refreshing to see that the competitive spirit doesn't necessarily mean you still can't have genuine admiration for your rivals, who in the end may turn out to become some of your best friends.

Login Sign Up. Who are the Goonsquad? Why the name Goonsquad? How many guys make up the Goonsquad? About 30 guys throughout the U. How did Goonsquad start? Best part of the Goonsquad? Goons or Good Guys?I'm no builder but it would be smart to redo that right??

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I cant help myself from looking for these assholes in the comments.Skip navigation. I know most people are doubtful of what they can accomplish! I created a channel to show what the average person, like myself, is capable of at the age of twenty. I wasn't raised in the best parts of town or with money in my pocket, but I always had a dream that I could reflect on. My dream is to influence people to get their hands a little dirty or to try things they never thought they could do.

goonzquad who are they

I wish that I had the opportunity to start my channel a few years back to show the massive amounts of progress accomplished. I want people to bring the art of "Do It Yourself", back into perspective and to not be afraid to try new things. So if you want to help me help you, and allow for me to bring knowledge and show you the steps in the process, please feel free to become a Patron.

The amount of value that I will bring to my fans and patrons will be unreal if I could just focus on the creations. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and hope you have a positive and blessed day! I will create a video for my patrons and show a behind the scenes of what my life actually consist of, when rebuilding and bringing cars,houses,trucks etc back to life, at 20 years of age.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts. Recent posts by Goonzquad. How it works. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. Language: English. Currency: USD. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time?

goonzquad who are they

Learn More.We try to be a helpful discussion-driven community while maintaining high-quality discourse and topical content. We are not a concierge or estimating service, a promotional platform, Consumer Reports, or a replacement for a phone call or Google search. Weekly dream car fantasy thread. One Million subscribers!

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goonzquad who are they

Tires questions? Remote starter advice. For information on content removal, user warnings, and bans, please see the Chain of Action page. The wonderful and epic tale of Yoshi the Yaris. Forget the trunk monkey, check out trash pandas. Lemons Racing Randy Nonnenberg from BringaTrailer. LA Auto Show organizers Doug Demuro.

GM Designer Brian Baker. Motor Trend. Photographer: Larry Chen. I am really impressed with them. They are enthusiastic, positive, work hard, and have a passion for doing things right.

goonzquad who are they

They are a huge bright spot in the world of build channels! When I first found them I wrongly automatically hated them, I just felt like they were not the same demographic as me, very "youth" oriented in their mannerisms, commentary, and music choice. Their ability to learn new skills and get very good at them is also very interesting to watch unfold. They deserve every view they get, they're very hardworking and always willing to learn a new skill. They'll do well with that attitude.The YouTube show Goonzquad Brothers is making a lot of headlines lately for their distinctively unique content and their sickest classic cars collection.

The guys have those Yo Bro vibes, but they get the work done without wasting even a single frame. Their content is incredibly relatable which is probably why they have garnered more than two million subscribers within a few years of kicking off. They started pretty humble in with construction and basic home renovation videos.

One of these amateur videos went viral and thus started their journey which is getting crazier with every second episode. The running joke between their fans is that the rate at which they are growing, they are going to rebuild a starship next to the Milky Way galaxy in the coming episodes.

These brothers actually made their own YT channel to catch the crazy and spontaneous events of their daily life. They eventually went on to make exclusively car rebuild videos on some of the most wrecked cars.

To be honest, their car choices have presumably played a large role in pulling the audience from almost all age groups. Their motto is to live their life on the goon side which literally means being yourself, hence the name.

However, there is not much information available in the public domain about these guys. The Goonzquad Brothers of this binge-worthy auto show seem to be rather shy of public and don't share much info even on their social media accounts. We have assembled all the authentic details that we could find about them, below.

Goonzquad House Location

If you want to know who these Goonzquad Brothers are and how they built their net worth to a couple of millions, scroll till the end.

It is a car show for real gearheads. It's a team of two siblings who host the show. The older brother with darker hair is Billy. He is married. The younger brother the blonde one is named Simon. They have another elder brother named Alex who works in home constructions. He can often be seen in the background of the videos working on his own cars. Apparently, Alex did not want to be a part of the YT show which is such a shame because according to the brothers, he adores his cars.Yes, we know twins are supposed to look alike, but these two brothers are making the Twitterverse do a serious double take.

The year-old studs stunned everyone with their uncanny resemblance when ahmedtwinkie wished his older twin — by two minutes — abdullahtwinkie a happy birthday on Twitter. The post went viral with nearly 60, tweets and 13, retweets. The post featured several photos of the teens wearing matching plaid shirts and navy slacks.

They also wore matching belts and silver chains and rings. The internet had to carefully decipher whether the photo was real or merely edited to create the identical-twin illusion. Is your brother on the left or on the right? Said xomina October 22, How are we photoshop… pic. Ahmed and his twin Abdullah are from Bosnia but currently reside in Arizona. They go to college and also work part-time.

That said, now that it has put them on the Twitterverse map, Abdullah says they want to use their platform to preach good. I like this fit. For all the people asking if the twins are single or in a relationship, Ahmed says he is single, but Abdullah declined to comment.

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Who and What is the Goonsquad?

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