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When you purchase, edit, then check the enable checkbox and save your Poll, it will now notify all members that have access to the poll. Welcome to softcore season 26! They now should update "real time". Details are not ready to be released at this time, as some design details still need to be worked out. We hope to have more to share with you regarding these in the coming months. Thanks everyone! It has been another busy month, and we have finished a couple nice features this last month.

The biggest, and one that had been planned for many years now is the new notification system: - When you come back on d2jsp or refresh a page, you will receive notification s for various things, such as people replying to your posts, someone quoting you, sending you gold, friend requests, topic subscription replies, etc. This makes it easier for you to stay more up to date and involved in the community and with your trades. More is planned for this this, so stay tuned! We also have more things slated for the upcoming months that we hope to get finished.

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Lol'd Java script parser is what the bot was written in as well. Why you keep putting words in my mouth? The site became popular because of the bot, not because d2 needed a "trading forum". Think before you talk please. Posted by Vaux on Jan 22,AM. Quote this Post. There were many, many other bots to choose from. Some better than the jsp bot. Also you may have noticed i added an s to word kid.

This makes it plural. This means i was not talking to only you not matter how self centered you may be. Please pay attention and try to keep up. Posted by hacintosh on Jan 22,AM. From what I'm reading in this thread, nearly all of you have never traded on d2jsp. I personally traded at d2jsp for more than 3 years purely about D2 and guess what - I have never paid a single cent and I am "wealthy" in d2jsp.

Contrary to belief, there is no real money trading RMT on that site. Someone mentioned the donor forum - yes there is a donor forum but I seriously doubt any RMT is going on inside those private forums. However, the only "black market" part of the forum is that you can "donate" real money to get forum gold fg - the currency that d2jsp works with.

But you can't sell the fg for real money and if you are ever caught being part of a deal like that, both parties the buyer and the seller are banned permanently and all fg stripped - no refunds. You can't sell the items for real money either, the site does not allow it just like it disallows selling fg for real money.View Staff Posts Post Reply.

If there's anyway that the items these people will no doubt end up trying to sell for real money can be traced back to the owner they should be banned. I'd imagine that's going to be impossible though. Maybe GGG should try and contact the people who run that site and respectfully request they remove the PoE trading section.

Again, it's not going to happen is it Posted by hacintosh on Jan 22,AM. Quote this Post. Posted by jappepoika on Jan 22,AM. Posted by monkuar on Jan 22,AM. That is what made d2jsp so attractive because it resembled a realistic economy.

No more duped SOJs Posted by Vaux on Jan 22,AM. By some of the latest posts made by jspusers I can understand why people would think the community is bad. I want to ensure you, not all of them are haters like those guys. Why do you get all defensive and start insulting people?

Forum Index Code of Conduct Search. Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials. Follow Us. The amount of people that buy FG are few and far between.

Benjamin1000 @ d2jsp on Cops

Even more so now that the forum is a decade old and there is alot of fg floating around. Just about everyone who has fg got it from selling items from game for the fg. If you dont know what you are talking about kindly remove yourself from this thread.

D4jsp is better :D No crappy moderation here "Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map. Actually you're wrong, d2jsp became popular because of the d2jsp bot What do u thin jsp stands for?

JavaServer Pages herp Part of bots source code written in "Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map. JavaServer Pages herp Part of bots source code written in It stands for diablo 2 java script parser. Thanks for proving you have no idea wtf you are talking about. I swear you kids come in here knowing nothing of which you speak.

And the transaction you mentioned is forum gold for items, there is no money involved. Whether that fg was on the account from donating or trading items is a moot point. IGN Nellz. Lol'd Java script parser is what the bot was written in as well.View Staff Posts Post Reply.

People will definitely use it and GGG probably won't be able to stop them. GGG banning all political discussion shortly after getting acquired by China is a weird coincidence.

How to catch d2jsp users.

Posted by Xavderion on Jan 21,AM. Quote this Post. GGG seem one of the few if not,only company that really want to make the game better and not just profit. Posted by zakariusqc on Jan 21,AM. Any keys you buy on d2jsp is taking money away from GGG and making the game worse money that GGG receive goes towards development of the game, money that d2jsp receives does not If you use d2jsp, be aware that this is what you are doing. Also, if you happen to get scammed GGG wont be able to help you or refund your scammed purchase just like any 3rd party website True, maybe you might not get banned for using d2jsp I have no idea about thatbut that is not the point.

The point is the game just got worse because of what you did. Posted by Avireyn on Jan 21,PM. I don't see a problem as long as d2jsp is used to trade stuff in the same way the PoE forums can be used. Selling items for real money - that's where the problem is. Honestly, it's probably not possible to prevent it.

Posted by Reizoko on Jan 21,PM. Saying that it's taking money away from GGG is dumb, there's no difference between someone giving their spare keys away to friends or random beggars on the forum or selling them for fg on d2jsp, it's not selling them for real money. One could have even sold one to someone who then liked the game so much they became a diamond supporter for all you know.

At the end of they day, there's very little that can be done to stop people trading keys or items via third party sites, best just to forget about it rather than get all worked up about it since the more topics there are about the site the more people are likely to head over and check it out.

Ancient proverb say: "Teach a man the name of a scammer and he avoid being scammed for a day; teach a man to examine what he's hovering over in the trade window and he avoid being scammed for a lifetime.

It should be illegal tho. Currency that you have to buy with real cash. I don't think anything can be done about it, but if your caught doing it, you should be permabanned right away. Posted by Modster on Jan 21,PM.

The views in this read definitely represent our opinions on the matter. We will not allow people to discuss external trades on our forum, and we'll do what we can to discourage external trades entirely. One way we can stop sites like d2jsp being attractive is to offer better trade tools ourselves.

If people can link items and complete trades on our forums without having to load the gameit'll be a lot more convenient than using d2jsp. Lead Developer. I only ever use JSP when I'm quitting a game and going to another, to get a headstart in that other game.

Posted by Clarynaa on Jan 21,PM. Forum Index Code of Conduct Search. Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials.View Staff Posts Post Reply.

If you want this game to last. We are forming a team. All will be pre accounts donated to use, "already have them". We will be acing as buyers, gather in game name account information. Bump if you support this. Anyone who does NOT support this is a d2jsp user.

[question to GGG] PoE items on d2jsp

Quote this Post. Posted by Verscas on Mar 3,PM. Posted by Festerpad on Mar 3,PM. In any game, there will be people that use third party sites, be it for trading like d2jsp or be it for directly buying items, like online item shops.

We just need to ignore them, and enjoy the game ourselves. Posted by Ashwin on Mar 3,PM. Content removed at user's request. Ancient proverb say: "Teach a man the name of a scammer and he avoid being scammed for a day; teach a man to examine what he's hovering over in the trade window and he avoid being scammed for a lifetime. The amount of stupidity in this thread is so high It's a nice attempt trying to scare people who might use that site, but they are smarter than you so it wouldn't last long.

And not everyone who doesn't support you is a d2jsp user, we just simply don't care since it doesn't effect us. A quick tip on the economy. Everything is consumable! Pretend there are suddenly an influx of chaos orbs, through an exploit or clever farming strategy, or whatever Economy is dead? Nope, people start using chaos orbs more frequently because they are cheaper The price of chaos orbs starts going back up to normal and people start using them less Posted by Miv on Mar 3,PM.

Posted by Secksy on Mar 3,PM.Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. View Staff Posts Post Reply. Posted by Deux on Mar 17,PM. Quote this Post. The problem is that his Foolsgold is constantly at zero so he is trading for ingame currency. As you can see he wants Forum gold, he is identifyable, his value constantly changing in both directions. The main weakness the script got is that a majority of trades is done via PM. I log changes of every user posting once in their PoE board but they seem to buy and sell via PM only.

If I could add some lines of my code in PoE the d2jsp problem would be solved within 1 week. Posted by Hilbert on Mar 17,PM.

One guy who payed 1k dollars for support the game doing this things. It is sad. Posted by chafino on Mar 17,PM. Posted by Stormnight on Mar 17,PM. This thread is is both mentioning a RMT forum and is indulging in name and shame. That is a double lock offense, just a matter of time before a mod notices and locks.

Posted by Altadoc on Mar 17,PM. Posted by Dreggz on Mar 17,PM. Hi guises! I never bought fgs with real money. I made 25k fgs from selling crap items in the first weeks lel. I got banned doing so, but i got many accounts, and many jsp accounts lel.

True story. Important thing to remember is, i didn't pay anything to get those MASS fgs. This is what PoE is all about, make EASY wealth on stupid hc users that op for stupid items, then you can have fun in another game with all that fg you make lel. Another thing, bot prog is almost ready to go public. So you guys need to start wondering how to counter that haha.

Even though it won't happen, since hacks always win in any games. I hope it all make sense to you now. This is how it works. D2jsp is all about a nice trading community of people that simply can't stand trading in crappy systems some games offer. And no, channel and forum on here ain't doing it, it's like going back in Welcome in lel. Posted by Bloodhatred on Mar 17,PM. Forum Index Code of Conduct Search. Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials. Follow Us. The OP is new to the internet.

You should get a real life.

Catching D2jsp Users

Have a look around the forums.View Staff Posts Post Reply. It ruins the game because it makes it effectively pay to win, but it doesn't take away revenue that would have gone to ggg. The whole point is that they don't sell in game items in the first place. Quote this Post. I am hopeful that d2jsp won't be an issue with this game.

Diablo 2 was a game where it had no real currency system. You had sojs, runes, and forum gold. Hopefully with the huge currency system that PoE has in place people won't resort to using those forums.

On a side note, supporting d2jsp is supporting njaguar aka Paul Taulborg.

d2jsp poe

The site rose up because of a popular bot program, which was soon turned into indirect pay2win. The only one allowed to sell d2jsp fg is the site, or they will perma ban your account. I hated the fact it was so useful in diablo 2. Posted by beerbasstard on Jan 21,PM.

Trading through external sources is against the rules. Please do not do so. In my opinion D2jsp users deserve a banhammer just like cheaters. First off, that site got big from a diablo2 bot named d2jsp. So the first userbase of the site are the cheaters that ruined D2.

d2jsp poe

Fools Gold was originally something you got for posting on that website but some kids wanted to pay to own more fools gold so he saw a business idea, so donations resulted in some virtual currency. Userbaser are mainly cheaters.

The foolsgold itself will be traded vs cash on other 3rd party sites. The botterboard is at fault for the rise of several itemshops. Now look at races. Let's say somebody got some fools gold and a new 1 week race starts. Some progressed player sells items for fools gold instead of normal ingame currency. The new player suddenly got a boost with items he couldn't have found at his level.

d2jsp poe

Or some players sell ingame currencies for fools gold just to buy them back later for less fools gold. Banned cheaters don't start with zero again because they buy equipment with fools gold again.

That's the main reason that site still exists because there are mainly cheaters that get banned in online games and there are kids that use items shops. Fools gold is only used as cheater insurance not to start with zero again. Fools gold totally ruins the trade system that any game indended.

Races aren't fair anymore, because fools gold users get an advantage by buying equipment.

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